Chicago Regional Growth Corporation (CRGC) is committed to helping your international business prosper and grow—no matter where you’re from or what stage your business is in.

Providing easy access to the North American marketplace, world-class infrastructure , creative incentives, extensive R&D and the lowest taxes in decades, the Chicago region is attracting companies from around the world. At CRGC, we’ve got the answers to your questions about investing in the Chicago region, and lots of reasons why you’ll want to locate your business here. We look forward to introducing you to all of the opportunities that the Chicago region offers.

Talented and Diverse Workforce

Businesses in the Chicago region find strength in diversity, with top-tier colleges and growing numbers of STEM grads all building tomorrow’s workforce.

Quality of Life

The Chicago region is home to to an abundance of great schools, affordable housing, arts and outdoor beauty.

Investing in Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure is essential to support healthy, vibrant communities. The Chicago region is on the upswing, with a a new $23.5 billion multi-year plan for revamping the state’s roads and bridges.


The Chicago region offers many advantages for business include tax-based incentives, resources and training, and support for growth and innovation.


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One Region, Together

The Chicago region, comprised of seven counties and the City of Chicago, presents a multitude of unique opportunities for business. See what these areas have to offer.